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English TV Abroad

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English TV Abroad

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What Brits Miss Most When Living Abroad

The UK has one of the highest expat rates in the world. Many Brits, dissatisfied with the quality of life and the weather in the UK, choose to up sticks and move to warmer climes. People move abroad because they want to improve their quality of life, to improve their general health, to relax more or simply because they want a cultural change. 

However, no matter how lovely the climate, or how much your lifestyle’s improved, there will also be something you’ll miss about the UK. 

Here’s a look at what Brits miss most when living abroad. 


It’s a tough call having to leave loved ones behind. You’ll spend your life always having to say goodbye to someone. Not seeing family members for months and even years is emotionally challenging and at times, heartbreaking. 


You may be living in one of the gourmet capitals of the world but there are times when you miss good old fashioned fish ’n chips or going out for a decent curry. 

European countries, especially, don’t have the choice of diverse ethnic restaurants that are widely available in the UK, such as Thai, Chinese and Indian.

UK brands can also be hard to find, such as Walkers, Oxo, Marmite and Cadbury’s. How many Brits abroad stock up when they visit home or ask family members to send food packages of their favourite foods?


Pubs are part of the English culture. From sipping on traditional ales at your local to enjoying a roast while watching a cricket match on a Sunday afternoon; no other country can replicate the welcoming atmosphere of a 16th Century pub in a quaint English village. 


Mince pies, carol singers, carol concerts; we Brits are very traditional when it comes to Christmas. Many Brits abroad miss relaxing in the evening after the presents have been opened to watch the Christmas specials on TV. 

English TV

Many Brits living abroad miss their favourite channels and TV shows. We are a nation of soap addicts but no other country appreciates our love for Eastenders and Coronation Street. There’s nothing like friends and family chatting about the latest dramas such as Downton Abbey or Poldark or popular personalities such as Ant and Dec to make you feel homesick. The Dolce Vita may be sweet but an evening cuddled up on the sofa watching your favourite TV shows is perfect therapy if you’re missing home. offers you English TV abroad, from anywhere in the world. Contact us today for more information.