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Why Are Crime Dramas So Popular?

Everyone enjoys a well made television drama, but crime and thriller shows are particularly popular. What is it about these shows that we love so much?

It may interest you to know that watching a suspense-filled drama is good for you! Rather than turning you into a couch potato, crime shows help keep your brain active and alert. 

Here’s a look at why popular crime shows are the perfect workout for our brains.


Whether it’s a book, a movie or an on-going tv show, the build-up of suspense grabs your attention and makes you sit up (on the edge of your seat) and take notice, making you a participant rather than a passive observer. Who doesn’t try and work out who, where or why before the climax? Like an enigma code, a good drama with plenty of twists makes your brain work harder. 

The gradual build-up of suspense over a series of episodes stimulates our brains while, paradoxically, helping us to relax and switch off from everyday life. 


When a crime drama evokes a strong emotional reaction, coupled with a complex storyline, your brain is at its most active. This combination of neurological sensors work together, triggering the release of serotonin, nature’s own feel good chemical, leaving us feeling uplifted, satisfied and content. 

Emotions are also affected by the music score that intensifies the suspense and creates the mood of the show. 

If you’re in need of a good brain workout, then these two crime and thriller dramas will keep your brain cells active and your heart rate pounding:

The Wire

Based in Baltimore, USA, this gritty drama is a look at the effects of drugs in the urban community,  following the lives of law enforcers, drug dealers and users and the interactions between different institutions that are affected. 

The harsh realism and often unbearable suspension contribute to The Wire being heralded as one of the greatest crime drama shows ever made. 


When it comes to suspense, nothings better than 24. Shown in real-time, the series is spread out over 24 episodes, each one lasting an hour. It follows a single day in the life of counterterrorist agent, Jack Bauer, as he battles to stop imminent terrorist threats to the United States. Once you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll be addicted. This is unmissable, edge-of-your-seat drama at its very best. 

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